Senin, 30 September 2013

Immersion Sing-Thai (random post)

Aaaaayye! ssup there fellas! only for this post i'll share my experience when i was having immersion at singapore-thailand.  this post is for homework. so.... yeah i'll be sharing every shit i had when i was having my immersion with my school. i had an awesome holidays  at singapore, went to some various international colleges, plus i get to school at the thailand,. anyways, about my prev fanfic, the one with the title "badman",  sorry i cant really update it because school is torturing me with all of the homeworks and tests (yeaaaashhhh, ikr school is goddamn sucks-_-)  i'll give you guys a teaser about what fanfic will come next beside the badman series, it'll be  thrilling as thrill as the writer /slapped.  i'll be writing my other fanfics in indonesian either, all of my english fanfic is on my asianfanfics acc and (maybe) i'll post the link or even copy it into this blog.....

OKAAAAAAYYY! enough of me talkin', lets get down to the stuff. Leggooooooooooo~

so here i am, with my immersion group
i'm the one with the red snapback, the petite girl (ikr imma shortie, dont judge me awkay--") there are 24 students in our group and 1 teacher. tbvh we didnt do much at singapore. we just travel around singapore having fun. luckily, our resort is a beach resort so whenever i open my window/door beach is right in front of my eyes and its sooooooooooooo refreshing. we visited sentosa island, orchard st., legoland (at malaysia), nanyang university for educational tour, etc. i bought so many stuff, singapore is such a wallet-killaahhhh, cant even control myself for stop shopping geez. 

next stop, we went to thailand. i went to school there, the school i went is Crescent International School. i thought the students will be budhism but i was really surprised when i saw so many moslems there. i met new awesome friends. one of them is my bestie now! xD his name is Shahzil Yousef (i put your name here shahzil, gimme some credit! you'll thank me later dumbass lol) i feel like he hit smth on his head so he's crazy as fuck lol. we went a budhism holy temple (i forgot the name, its to difficult to spell it otl). we went to bangkok university as well for educational tour. i'm very amused for its music school. it was goddamn dope! i wish i can go there again soon in the future:'). and OF COURSE we went shopping agaaaaaaiiiiin~ no shopping=no travel, that's the rule. tbvvh we escaped fr our teacher out of our curfew to went shopping late night at stadium, platinum mall, MBK, and at some sorta flea market i forgot what its called. we go back to the hotel late around 3am because YOLO aight lol.

OKAAAAAAAY! that's all for this random post, i hope you enjoy me talking some stuff (read: shit) thanks;)

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  3. Haha nice post :)
    I'm so jealous I would really love to go to Singapore one day but not have had the chance yet..
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  6. looks like so much fun you had!

  7. Omo I envy you!! Your trip look so fun!

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